Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A "buttah-cup" by any other name...Part 1

When you love something truly, deeply, one of the first things you do is name it.

Think about it...When you are born first into this world, the very first thing your parents do is name you. They may name you after grandparents or book characters or flowers or whatever tickles their fancy. That little baby'll grow up with nicknames, maybe a couple of cheesy, silly pet names in meaningless teenaged relationships. And each of those silly relationships will need a name in its own right. Oh we're "dating". No, we're "boyfriend and girlfriend". No, "we're going steady". Oh, but when that right one comes along...When that Mr. Wonderful comes along, he just may christen that pretty girl with the perfect nickname, one she's never had or dreamed she'd love so much. A name no one's called and he's never called anyone else. Intimate, private, special. It's a name that's all yours, maybe even more so than your given name. It'll make you smile when you think you can't. It'll give you tingles in places you didn't know you could tingle. It's a name given to you by your beloved and it is uniquely special and especially you. After a few months or years or decades of courting with this special name, a time may come when it's time to take an even bigger step, name-wise. A man will spend months thinking, he may even go the old fashioned and completely appropriate and proper route and ask his beloved's father for permission. When the time is right, he'll get down on one knee and ask this woman, this "babe" or "baby" or "kitten" or "darlin" or "honey" and ask her to take on his name for the rest of his life. When she says yes and they have their beautiful day, they'll become Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful for the rest of eternity. Oh and if they're lucky, one special day, they'll get a chance to start the whole cycle again, naming their own Baby Wonderful.

So, what exactly is in a name?

To be continued...

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