Monday, July 8, 2013


I apologize to all two of you that this is going to come as some huge, life-changing-shock to. I hate the Dixie Chicks. Oh it wasn't just the "We're embarrassed about George W. Bush" commentary while they were in a foreign country during a time we were building up to war. That's cool Natalie, I'm embarrassed we're of the same gender..species..etc. I was workin' on getting over that when that one out front who can't seem to shut her yap opened it up again about how she didn't understand "patriotism and loving America." And, that, my friend, is where The Ditzy Twits and I (and every red cent of my AMERICAN MONEY) parted ways. Forever. Except for this teensy little song. See, I'm a girl. And as a girl, sometimes I just need a big ole fat ugly cry. And there is no song that brings on an ugly cry like this one. So if you can stomach Natalie Maines and the girls *gag*, here you go:

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