Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All the world is birthday cake

On July 2nd, we celebrated the birth of Miracle Baby Joshua. Here are some pics.

 photo 81f589e6-0f50-4b6e-b30e-b95782aa800e.jpg

Joshua, Nathan and Reece (the dark-haired one, my backup boy) enjoying Joshua's birthday cake

 photo 1464bc4d-5caf-46c9-93cf-dc4ef7912f75.jpg

Brotherly love

 photo 6bc7e645-fcf3-4928-aa61-568de6cf313f.jpg

I can't help it, I love ornery, serious-faced, cranky-faced baby boys

 photo cc2e2faf-bfd3-4176-a67f-5ea0476ecb2c.jpg

One of the things we hear all the time is how happy Joshua is. Here he is flashing his trademark, mega-watt grin.


  1. Handsome boys! I am glad that Goshie turned into a happier kid eventually. Bless his booty, every time the diaper rash gets better, he goes with SD and it gets worse all over again!

  2. What beautiful children - thank you for sharing this special day!


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