Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Animal People Odd Couples

On today's Thankful Thursday I want to talk about my friend Carrie. Care Bear and I came together in a somewhat bizarre fashion, I guess, is the easiest way to put it. She is the wife of the ex of one of my biggest betrayers. But that's not really how our friendship began. Our friendship, I suppose, began, when that betrayer and I were still friends and CB wanted to find out who I was, as I was spending a lot of time with her boys. She found she liked what she read (I have NO idea why, I'm completely irreverent, a little whackadoodle and totally quirkily)...and she kept reading. And when the shit completely hit the freaking fan wheels came off, well she reached out. Tentatively, with a gentle respect that I was completely freaking paranoid cautious and wary, she still reached out. And she kept reaching out. A kind word here, a sweet prayer there, she just kept reaching out. I gradually let my walls down and now this girl and I...well...we're joined at the freakin hip. Try it. Try to come between us. Watch the force with which two redheads will beat yo ass down. SO sure, it started out weird. But it works. It really works. We've both been hurt by this monster. We have common ground there. We both have a brood of boys. We have unshakable faith, we have scars and hurt and pain and love. She is an aunt to my two boys, replacing the one they lost and going above and beyond, providing them with unconditional love that will never betray them for a cheap lay or a cheap shot at their mama. She is my sister-friend and I believe we were separated at birth simply because our mothers couldn't handle us under one roof, as amazing as they are. We talk about things that matter, have shared and common interests and she serves as a muse many times. Things just make sense when I talk to her about them.

And let me tell you, I'm not sure I could get through my days without her. I am so proud and thankful she sought me out as a friend. This girl, my Care Bear, is such a true angel. Such a blessing. One of those people who gives you every single thing she has, every single part of herself without asking a single thing in return. She gives until she's beaten herself down and she needs prayer to get her back up. I wish she would stop short of that because I love her and I hate to see her break or to see her kindness betrayed and it brings out all the shootiness Irish Rage in me, but she wouldn't be who she is if she didn't give it all and I wouldn't have her any other way. But she's a prayer warrior, and as such, she's gathered a circle of warriors around her. We protect her when we can.

We don't always agree on everything. But we agree on the things that matter. That family comes first. And that family isn't always who you think it is. We believe in MAMAHOOD, not just being a "mother". We believe in kindness, generosity, manners, education, and love. Just love.

So if I had to do it all again...all the trauma, all the pain and the betrayal and backstabbing and hurt, I would. Because in the end? I won. I got my Care Bear out of the deal.

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