Monday, July 22, 2013

Boo-Bah. Boo-boo-bah.

Joshua and his love for music have been mentioned 879 numerous times around these parts. What I tend to forget to mention is just how much this lovable little weirdo loves to dance. He has, among other dances, a specially crafted "Boo-Bah Dance". Friday night at the pool, he Boo-Bah Danced over to an adorable little girl with blonde curls and blue eyes, wearing a pink-polka dotted two-piece. He grabbed her hand, and poked her in the eye (cue Mama's facepalm). Then he tried to teach her to Boo-Bah. He showed her about moving your arms up and down and bending your knees and moving your head from shoulder to shoulder while yelling at your Mama "Boo-BAH! BOO BOO-BAH!" Then your Mama, if she's anything like mine, he seemed to be saying to her in toddler-speak, will keel over laughing. It worked, too, me and her Mama were roaring with laughter.

Joshie you charmer, you, she almost didn't care that you poked her in the eye first! Plus, I'm thinking as long as you lead with a firm eye-poking, I can hold off on building my woman-scaring-arsenal for at least a few years.

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