Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rockin' Pneumonia

For the first time since moving out of the mold house I had simply a cold. At least that's how it started out. Now 3 weeks later, it's a 104 degree fever, coughing until I throw up and a sore throat. Diagnosis? Strep. Ugh. Oh well at least the boys don't have it. Except oh now, Joshie's got a fever around 104 and he's lethargic and only wants to drink tea, lay in my lap and watch Veggie Tales. Well okay, at least Stomp doesn't...no wait, he's slept 16 hours straight except for those coughing fits and now his temp's up over 100 too. I saw the doctor at the clinic on Saturday when my temperature started climbing and I realized I wasn't right. Today when I realized the boys were really not right, I tried to get them in only to be told there's some kind respiratory epidemic wreaking havoc through our little town and no one could see the boys for at least two days. They put me on with the triage nurse who said maybe the doc would prescribe and treat over the phone since I'd just been seen and since he know my boys and their histories etc. I'm still waiting for a call back.

All I know is this: We are ALL going to be 100% healed in 2 weeks when Mr. Wonderful comes for his visit. Because we love him and we all missed him and have been looking forward to this trip and I have roughly 879 things crammed into the 10ish days he'll be here. Amen.

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