Friday, November 22, 2013

Warrior or Hippie? Maybe a little of both?

There's been a lot of trouble up here on Ho Hum Drive lately. Trouble with back-biting and downright back-stabbing friends (thankfully mine, not Stomp's). Trouble with bullies at Stomp's school. Just...a buzz of tension in the air. However, my dear friend Karyn and I took a day off and went to do some pictures. I've lost an epic freaking a lot of weight. I'd grown my hair long and healthy and dyed it a color I was never "allowed" to. So we took a few pictures with my hair down and then I put it into the signature Eri braided pigtails I didn't realize she was clicking away at those too. But I wound up loving those pictures. And when someone else saw them, someone who knows all the struggles we've been through, someone who'd read The Hunger Games and saw a similarity maybe in the braids or maybe in my spirit commented that I looked like I was channeling my inner Katniss Everdeen.

What say you, readers? What do you think? Warrior or inner hippie?

 photo 5e606bf6-7d3b-4083-b18d-8bf2e5074e36.jpg

 photo 1ebac4f4-e7e9-46e1-a36a-1a14fdcfd1c2.jpg

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