Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My wild Irish heart

Valentine's Day hasn't even come yet but it's been very kind to this girl. My beloved Mr. Wonderful, wanting to ensure it got here on time, sent my present a little early. It came in the mail yesterday. This, my friends, is a traditional Claddagh ring. It's beautiful and for the heart portion, has an enormous opal (my birthstone). I appreciated the gesture and care that went into it, the tradition that goes with it and of course I love a beautiful opal ring.

Note:It IS a little tough to see in the picture. Just know that it's beautiful. And it made me cry.

If you're confused about what exactly it is you're seeing, a quick peek at the Wiki article will show that it's two hands holding a heart with a crown atop the heart. The symbolism comes in how you wear yours. I wear mine with the point of the heart pointing towards my wrist, indicating I'm spoken for.

 photo 98d7260e-5dc5-49cd-8930-3b1cd84ce992.jpg

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