Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

All is very well here. Hubby and I spent the morning constructing our fence. I'm an expert hammer-swinger! We picked a monster cucumber (seriously, the biggest cucumber I've ever seen, pics soon), some other small cukes and about 2lbs of green beans. Then we came in and I made pork chops (recipe tomorrow), noodles and fried green beans for supper. Enjoyed a long nap and then got up to get kidlet ready for bed and watch some Ghost Hunters.

The fence is not quite finished. We need to get out to the burn pile before we finish fencing in the back yard. So we'll do that Saturday and then finish putting up the fencing and put in our gate. Last two parts of that home "renovation" is adding a deck and putting the door in our kitchen. Should have that done before winter hits so that's great.

We've had a stressful few days, but getting out into the yard and doing some hard physical work has eased the stress on all of us!

Just the start of another quiet week tomorrow. I really thought I would be completely lost with Nathan being at school all day. Instead I seem to have time to do things I like to do, like walk and sew and take long baths (that aren't interrupted with "mama, what are you doing?" "mama, can I come in?" "mama, why are you in the bathtub?")! So I'll drop him off at school bright and early tomorrow, then come home and nap for a bit and get a few chores and errands done.

I hope everyone has a blessed week this week and that each of you feel God's hand in your life!

"Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can."

- Lowell Thomas

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