Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There is nothing so absurd or ridiculous that has not at some time been said by some philosopher.

We eat around the family table most nights, unless we're doing "grab it and growl" (leftovers). This is where we learn the most about each other's lives outside the home and I think it's extremely important. It's not always easy, of course. There are days where Nathan is downright rotten about eating and I just want to scream and by the time I'm done fighting with him over food, I'm exhausted and ready for bed! But, it's *always* amusing and a really super time to talk and bond.

Take the other night, for instance: Nathan was happily eating spaghetti when suddenly he says "do you know what absurd means Mama?" My jaw falls to the table. He goes on, "It's when something is really weird, like having a shower in your bed...THAT'S ABSURD!" Then he bursts out laughing. Mike and I exchange the "where in the heck did he learn THAT look" and we talk about absurd things for a while. We finally carried on with supper and the silliness. Mike asks Nathan if he could eat his spaghetti with a garbage truck*. Nathan burst out laughing and hollered "oh Daddy, that's just absurd!". I'm ever so amused by this! And shocked, where die he pick up "absurd" from?! He's too smart for my own good, I swear.

*Nathan is obsessed with trash, garbage cans and especially garbage trucks. He tells me on a regular basis "I sure wish I could be the garbage man". When they did their career week at Kindergarten, he dressed up like a garbage me and in fact, he WAVES to our garbage guy! Little nut :)

"All great change in America begins at the dinner table. "
--Ronald Reagan


  1. We don't always get to eat dinner together because of Geo's schedule, but we always have at least one meal together at the table. We do something every single time we sit together (even if we're out for lunch/dinner) and that's two simple questions: what made you happy today? what made you sad today? It's always interesting to hear what the kids have to say!

  2. I love it, it's so important to talk to kidlets about their day. That always seems to be when I find out all the Kindergarten and boy howdy is there ever K drama...and I have a boy, I can't even imagine if I had a girl!


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