Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sittin on the porch drinkin ice cold cherry Coke, where everything was black and white

I don't think it's any secret that I love Nebraska. I mean love Nebraska! My mom always teases me because I talk about Nebraska like it's "paradise", but to me, it really is. Nathan and I have been taking the dog, Shelby of Flop, for long walks in the mornings and evenings. We walk down our block, turn down a dirt road and then bam we're on a walking trail that lazes through the prairie along Plum Creek. A few quick things I'd like to point out. I grew up in the New Mexico desert. There's dust, and there's tumbleweeds, sticker bushes and oh yeah, a pile of crime. When I walk here, I am first and foremost, perfectly safe in doing so. I can't imagine ever walking, just the kid and the dog and me, anywhere in NM and feeling 100% safe. I also can't imagine taking a deep breath of fresh, cool air that not only has no smog in it, has no dust in it. And well, let's just say I'm pretty sure that Plum Creek has more water in it than any place I've ever seen the Rio Grande!

So once again, another Spring has dawned here in Nebraska, and I am once again feeling grateful to God for bringing me to this place that I love so much. I don't feel that I was ever meant to live anywhere else and I'm grateful for the journey God put me on to bring me here. It feels very much like "Mayberry" to me. Springtime is a great time for the family. We all eat lazy dinners at the table or outside, with the fans lazily circling and the windows and doors open. We leave the windows and doors open all night and that crisp air in the morning feels just delicious. We plan our vegetable garden and my flowers start to bloom.

In fact, just yesterday when we got home from our walk Nathan told me "oh mama your daffodils sure look pretty, can I pick one for you to put in your hair?". So yesterday I pinned a pink charm daffodil up in my braid for the first time this season!

"My wife was delighted with the home I had given her amid the prairies of the far west."
--Buffalo Bill

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