Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ya can't make a woman feel somethin she don't and you can't build a house with no doors

Happy George Strait Day!!!

Tonight at Omaha's Qwest Center, George Strait will be performing with Reba Mcentire and Lee Ann Womack. My daddy bought me tickets for my birthday and tonight, along with many other Cowgirls and Cowboys, I will be screaming my hick head off at King George, Reba and the Lovely Lee Ann!! Then Dad and I will retire back to the hotel and spend the night. Tomorrow we'll stay late at the hotel and swim in the pool and then I'll be home before Nathan's off from school. I've been so excited all week that I keep telling people "Happy George Strait week!" and yesterday I declared a very "Merry George Strait Eve!". I need help and I know it, but darn it, I make myself laugh. I hope you're all doing something terribly exciting today but I'm fairly certain it won't be as much fun as my day! Expect a full report :)

"You can't bring nothing with you here, and you can't take nothing back. I ain't never seen a hearse with a luggage rack."
-— George Strait

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  1. Happy George Strait day!! Have a fabulous fabulous time!!


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