Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Never get too old to call her "baby"

Today....A list.

1. I have the house to myself tonight. Well just me and Nathan. School has started again, so we didn't go to band practice with Michael. Reece's parents are out of town so he's staying with his aunt. When I got the house mostly to myself, the very first thing I did was turn on my Wii Fit. You see, with Reece being here, I've been exercising privately in the shelter of my bedroom. No child should have to see an overweight, clumsy and totally adorable woman trying to hula-hoop. I missed my Wii Fit. I promptly launched into 45 minutes of vigorous cardio and ohhhh how I have missed my WF. My WF needs a name. Maybe Wilber or something. Or Wiinie. I can't decide. Anywho, now I'm really anxious for Viking Mike to move it upstairs so I can use it whenever. I particularly enjoy the Super Hula Hoop, The Advanced Step and the Island Lap Free Run. Nathan and I "race". Of course he always insists on being the Mii I'm supposed to be following so he always wins. That's fine with me. Also, Big and Rich are perfect workout music. Also, does anyone have the EA sports active thing for the wii?

2. Weight Watchers and my insane and intense desire for more babies (and my conviction that losing weight will get me there) have me doing very well weight-loss wise. It just feels like it goes so slow. I'm ready to be thinner NOW. I know, I know. Slow and steady is the way to go to keep it off and do it right. That doesn't stop me from feeling impatient.

3. I tore my shoulder. Well actually no one's sure exactly WHAT I did to my shoulder, just that I "somehow damaged" it...most likely while throwing Reece and Nathan in the lake. I've been off work and at home and on a pile of drugs (muscle relaxers and painkillers, I'm seriously such a frickin hoot). Go in to see my regular Doc tomorrow to get the scoop on when I can go back.

4. Being home in the evening rules. My schedule is shifted to mostly days and I couldn't be more grateful. Being able to snuggle up with hubby and watch tv or play Xbox makes me so happy I could about cry. I know we're lame and it's weird that we like to spend so much time together, but it's just the way it is. He's my best friend and the person whose company I most enjoy.

5. Got a snail-mail letter today from Carica. I cried when I read what she sent me. She'd found a page out of a letter she'd meant to send me many moons ago (I think that's where she found it)...and it read "Dear Erica, my wonderful best friend who has saved me from the terror of night and beautiful sorrow". I'm so glad to be reviving the snail-mail tradition with her. It helps me so much, when I miss her so very badly, to have something tangible to touch when I can't reach out and hug her, or lay down in her lap and cry and laugh. Having a girlfriend like that is so priceless.

6. I just love the title of this entry. It's from Lee Brice's "Love like crazy" and there's something especially touching about this line. I imagine 40 years from now, Viking Mike will still call me "baby".

7. Some things on the agenda for bloggity-bloggedness this week? Pink Chuck Taylors and the importance of attitude shoes. A little ditty about a Rodney Atkins song I just love. Another rant about fall. And of course, an update on Nathan's first week at school and my stupid shoulder.


  1. I vote for "Wilbur" for your Wii Fit. It reminds me of Charlotte's Web.


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