Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Brother is watching you..er me...probably me.

I'm home sick. The doctor said it's probably just a cold but it might be the flu. Whatever the case, the prescription is rest, Super Cough Syrup (tm) and oh yeah, rest. Unfortunately this means I've missed my 6th day in 6 months so I'll be in trouble at work next week. Oh well. Working was just not possible. In fact, I've spent the entire day sleeping. Now, however, I'm loaded on codeine cough syrup and watching Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. Now, conspiracy theories usually enrage me. I mean there are some mega crackpots out there. Although, I do believe there might be a revolution coming in America and for that purpose, I'm seriously considering a well-armed bunker with the neighbors. Isn't this tin-foil hat stylish?

Aaaaaanyway...I've looked into and researched a number of different theories. The biggies, y'know, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, what have you. In fact one of my favorite shows on the Dork History Channel is Unsolved History where they basically "Mythbuster" different historical (or hysterical, as we like to say here at HHD) conspiracy theories. Their conclusion regarding JFK? If there was a second shooter, he missed! So, what I'd like to ask my beloved readers is what their favorite conspiracy theories are. What intrigues you? What do you think is so unbelievable it's ridiculous? What about all this 2012 nonsense? Amuse me my darlin readers, let's chat!

More things in politics happen by accident or exhaustion than happen by conspiracy.
-- Jeff Greenfield

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