Saturday, April 2, 2011

This mess is a place!

It's been a nice quiet weekend here on Ho-Hum Drive. Nathan played with the neighborhood boys last night and then spent the night at friend's house. The Viking and I watched Friends and ate popcorn and ice cream. This morning we watched a marathon of Larry the Cable Guy's "Only in America". Today the weather's going to cooperate for some yardwork and some major outdoor spring cleaning. Either the spring cleaning bug has bit me or I'm nesting early. Either way, the home is a happy, bright, clean place right about now! Today we'll be raking out flower beds and starting some seeds and tending to the gutters and storm windows.

All is well on the pregnancy front. The horrible, awful, miserable glucose test has been done and is over and the good news is that I do not have Gestational Diabetes this time around (despite the statistical chances that I would!). Joshua's been kicking like crazy and both The Viking and Stomp have enjoyed feeling his acrobatics! I've got about another 2 weeks and I'm out of my 2nd trimester already! Time to start thinkin about getting the moo-sery painted and decorated (still need a ton of furniture!) and ready to go! And time to start thinkin about the shower.

Otherwise, all is quiet and good. The Viking should start his second job next weekend and I've been cranking through my homework. I'm 75% of the way done with my course and hope, hope, hope to be working from home by June at the very latest. Nathan is doing very well in school and his parent/teacher conference went *awesome*. I'm so proud of my boy and how smart he is. But, I'm even more proud of the sweet and kind nature his teacher praised repeatedly! Attaboy Stomps!

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