Friday, May 6, 2011

Game on!

1. If you get the first choice of Monopoly tokens, which do you choose? If someone else chooses it first, which is your second choice?
The doggie. Then show shoe

2. What’s a board game you are especially bad at?

3. What board game are you particularly good at?

4. How competitive do you get while playing board games or party games?
Pretty competetive I guess, but it's important to not be a sore loser

5. What’s your favorite board game? What’s a board game you can’t stand?
Oh gosh I love Parcheesi and Trivial Pursuit. I hate Chess because I'm too dumb to get it.


  1. 1.) I go with the car. Seems like an easier mode of travel than a hat or a shoe.

    2.) I never got he hang of GO.

    3.) Trivial Pursuit.

    4.)I have to restrain myself from not demolishing the kids when we play.

    5.)I like Spontuneous. It's a singing board game that we can get enough of. I can't stand Pictionary any more-people have been dragging it out at every party for like, 20 years.

  2. 1. The shoe so I can kick all y'alls butts he he

    2. I'd say chess as well

    3. Monopoly

    4. Pretty competitive when playing with adults; with the kiddos I rein it in :P

    5. Scrabble and the new Scrabble Up words is super fun. There really aren't any games I don't like ;)


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