Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hangin out on the line

My house is in a....well, it's in a state. You see I had this kidney thing happen last Friday on the last day the Viking was out of town. It was a pretty scary kidney thing, the kind where people assume you're in labor from all the pain you're having and they start to panic which oh hey, really helps YOU not to panic and your Viking Husband is somewhere between Minnesota and you and can't calm you down. Y'know that kind of kidney thing. Add to that the general torture discomfort of being 7.5 months pregnant, allergies that are trying to kill me and sweet, warm weather and I think everyone can understand things bein in a state around here.

But the worser (yes it's a word, don't argue with me, I'm a touch grinchy today) it gets, the less motivation I seem to find for dealing with it. Add to all that I've had company in the form of 3-4 kids who aren't mine and well, cleaning it up just seems sort of....futile. So I should be cleaning right now. Instead I got sucked into Jeopardy!, Great American Country videos and Friends reruns which I've only seen 872 times.

But I promise...I promise I'm going to get up and deal with my state startin with some dishes, laundry and sweeping maybe...maybe, after Jeopardy!

....Then I'll need a nap because I'm growing a human and just the thought of sweeping makes me long for a nap.

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