Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One woman's weed is another woman's wildflower

First of all, let me say that I hope all the awesome Mamas I know had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was wonderful. Friday we went out to lunch and to the zoo (more on that in a minute). Saturday we actually had some quiet time as a family. The boys brought me home a present of lillies to plant in the yard, chocolates and the Country Strong soundtrack. I told Mike he hit the Mother's Day trifecta: flowers, candy and country music! Nathan and I put on our swimsuits (no, mine doesn't fit any longer, my big white pregnant belly stuck out everywhere and I didn't even care) and ran through the sprinklers. We had a nice quiet dinner and turned in early. Sunday, we drove down to Gramma Faraways and spent the day with my in laws, who I adore, and all the kiddos. It wasn't exactly relaxing but it was so much fun. I wish I could've been with my Jersey Mama and my Nany but it was a great weekend overall. I'm very lucky that the Viking believes very strongly (very very very very very strongly) that bein a Mama is the most important, hardest job on the planet. He treats me like every day is Mother's Day, but when the big day rolls around, he always does it up right. This year he told me "Thanks for being a Mom for me". I kinda stared at him dumbfounded, not real sure what he meant. He clarified by saying "thanks for being a Mama to our kids". That is one amazing Viking!

So anywho, about Friday: The Viking's middle brother was in town from Crapsville Albuquerque, with our niece and nephew. We had a wonderful time with them, for sure! On Friday, The Viking took the day off from work and we planned to do lunch and the Children's Zoo for the day. As we got the cars loaded up and ready the kids played in the yard. Nathan picked me a "flower" for my hair. He loves to pick me dandelions to pin up in my hair. And I'm sure there are some people shouting at the computer that it's really a weed, but my little boy thinks it's a flower and when he sees pretty flowers he wants to give them to his Mama. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything in this world sweeter. So anyway, he gives me the dandelion and I run back in for a pin to put it up in my hair. We get in the car and go to lunch. As Nathan and I are holding hands walking back from the bathroom, this sweet little old lady (she was 80 if she was a day) stopped me and said, "I just love your Mother's Day flower!". I couldn't help but smile and a warm, soft glow came around me as I thought to myself, "now this is a woman who's been given many a weed for Mother's Day. This is a woman who gets it". In my head I constructed this whole little life for her with a farm full of boys who after a long day of chores and playing and fishing and working in the fields would pick their Mama a dandelion and bring it in to her. She'd pin it up in her hair and grab her sweet boys by the hand and twirl them around the kitchen while she fixed them up some supper. In my head, she kept every one until they withered away.

So, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, whether it was filled with fancy flowers or weeds.

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