Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friends are the family we choose

Today Nathan started second grade. His teacher seems nice and he's got friends from Kindergarten in his classroom. This also marks the beginning of us watching Reece again. I didn't realize until I took him to the fair last week how much I missed him (thought I was acutely aware how much Stomp missed him). Since I was a little busy shooting out a kid having Grunt, he was babysat by someone else all summer. We had so much fun at the fair on Friday and I'm really, really happy to have him back. Before we had Grunt, when it looked like we might never have any more kids, we had Reece. He became a protective older brother for Stomp and brought a lot of light and joy into our lives. Through watching him, I became convinced it was my lot in life to be surrounded by rowdy, sweet, hick boys. And of course, he's also super fond of Grunt.

So this morning, I shot this picture of the boys in front of the school.


P.S. This is one of the pictures shot with my new camera. More on that tomorrow.

P.P.S. Reece clearly needs his own blog nickname like Stomp, Grunt and The Viking. Suggestions?

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