Friday, June 29, 2012

Let freedom never perish in your hands

Ways to know you're raising a kid in Nebraska's 4th of July City:

1. When the "big gorilla" comes to town, he starts counting down, knowing exactly how many days you can buy fireworks in town before the 4th.
2. He happily, at the tender age of 8, declares "Marv's Fireworks! I LOVE that place!"
3. He knows the location of every fireworks stand in town.
4. He declares that he can't wait to watch the anvil "blow up"*
5. He insists on decorating the house, "like we do for Christmas", until it looks like red white and blue threw up all over the porch.
6. He knows, appreciates and is grateful for what Independence Day means. Amen.

**The anvil doesn't actually "blow up" but if you've never been to an "anvil firing", you are seriously missin out y'all**

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